How to make an icon from graphic files like JPG, BMP, GIF?
You may want to make an icon with your favorite graphic files. There are many ways to turn your pictures into icon formats. Now, I will tell you several the most used ways, and you may think out more other solutions yourself.

1. Easy Icon Maker supports importing BMP, GIF, or JPG file into editor window for editing. If the imported picture's size is larger than the current's size, you may choose to stretch it to fit for the format.

2. Our software now only opens BMP, GIF, and JPG image formats. If you are using other image formats such as PNG, TIF, and more. You may use graphic converter software to convert it to bmp first for importing.

3. No matter what you want to get into the editor window, you may also use picture viewer or other software to display it on your computer's screen, then use the "Capture" tool in the toolbox to capture the displayed area into the editor.

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