How to make an icon with one format not the default?
When you launched the Easy Icon Maker, it will begin a new icon with the default format "32*32 - 8 bit color (256 colors)" . You may not need this format, and want to create an icon of your requirements. On this case, you may do according to the following steps,

Step 1. Click the "Add Format ..." menu item from pull-down menu "Edit", or click the button on the toolbar (at the right of the drop-list box).

Step 2. When the "New Icon" dialog is activated, choose the appropriate size and colors, then click the "OK" button.

Step 3. Now, click the unwanted icon format from the right formats list or the top drop-list box.

Step 4. Click the "Delete Format" menu item from the pull-down menu "Edit" to delete it.

Step 5. Save it.

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