Frequently Asked Questions

How to start the Easy Icon Maker?

How to make a point transparent?

How to make a color to transparent?

How to replace a color to another color?

How to add text to an icon?

How to add special processing on the icon?

How to make an icon with one format not the default?

How to make a 32-bit icon?

How to make a WinXP style icon?

What is the alpha channel?

How to change the order of an icon in the icon file?

How to add/remove a format from the icon?

How to make an icon with many formats?

How to make an icon from graphic files like JPG, BMP, GIF?

How to extract an icon from other applications?

How to change an application's icon?

How to make *.ico files associated with the Easy Icon Maker?

How to remove the association of *.ico files?

How to remove the software from my computer?

What's the value for registered users?

What's the limitation of unregistered version?

How to remove the limitation?

How to enter the registration code (The menu item is grayed)?

How to reget the registration code?

What's new for this version?

How to upgrade to a new version?

What's the price?

How to order the software?

How to order without credit cards?

How to order without US dollars?

How to order it without Internet collection?

How to order a CD?

What's your refund policy?

How to get a refund?

How to resell the software?

How to order multiple licenses for saving money?

How to contact the author?

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